Introduction to our Products used on interior and exterior Walls

This selection of products are used on walls, including residential, offices, commercial, industrial, mining, hospitals, etc. Just click on the image for more extensive information.

Matt or Sheen

Just as important as the color of your paint is the finish (or gloss or sheen). Generally speaking, matte (or flat) paints absorb light and are better for covering up imperfections. The glossier the paint gets, the more light it reflects.

For high-traffic areas, rooms that will get messy (kitchens and anywhere with kids), and areas where humidity will be an issue, go toward the glossier end of the spectrum. Just keep in mind that the glossier you get, the more any imperfections in the wall will stand out.

Interior vs Exterior

The difference between interior vs exterior paint is in the formulation. Interior paints need to be durable and scrubbable for easy cleaning within your home. In contrast, exterior paints need weather resistance and protection against UV rays to maintain long-term coverage on the outside of your home. Fortunately, our products have been developed to face all these issues in one application to create versatile interior and exterior paint.

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