An inexpensive interior/exterior P.V.A that is Ideal for brush or roller appication, giving a good uniform finish. It May be applied to ceilings, new plaster and various types of composition boards.

  • Touch dry 1 hour @ 25 C. Recoat 4-6 hours;

  • The theoretical spreading rate is 6-8m² per litre.


A flat, washable wall and ceiling finish for interior and exterior use. - Suitable for direct application to new plaster, concrete, brickwork and composition boards. Could be used as a primer on interior surfaces, but does not have sealing qualities. An appropriate primer should be used.


  • TYPE  -  Acrylic Copolymer;

  • DRYING TIME  -  Surface: 1/2 - 1hour (23 Degree Cesius and 50% Relative Humidity);

  • HARD DRY  -  3 - 4 hours (at 23 Degree Cesius and 50% Relative Humidity);

  • OVERCOATING  -  4 Hours;

  • VISCOSITY  -  104 - 108 KU;

  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY  -  1.49 - 1.51;

  • FINISH  -  Matt;

  • WEIGHT SOLIDS  -  55 - 57%;

  • VOLUME SOLIDS  -  33 - 35% (100u wet film will give 34u dry film);

  • SPREADING RATE  -  10 - 11 sq.m per litre (to obtain a continuous film without full coverage;

  • COVERAGE (THEORETICAL)  -  6 - 8m² per litre;

  • FLASH POINT  -  Not applicable;

  • COLOUR RANGE  -  White only;

  • PACKING SIZE  -  5 Litre and 20 Litre.

Coverage/spreading rate of colours depend on condition and porosity of the surface and the manner in which The A1 PVA is applied. For best results, do not exceed a spreading rate of 8m² per litre.


  • READY   -  for use with brush or roller;

  • SPRAY  -  not recommended;

  • THINNING  -  Not recommended;



  • NEW SURFACES:  -  Remove dust, dirt and plaster splashes. Cut our large cracks and Brick, plaster, cretestone, imperfections, fill with suitable Crack Filler and sand smooth when Fibre Cement, dry;

  • Gypsum combination Board  -  Apply one coat of Classiseal, Pigmented Acrylic Sealer - Depending on condition and porosity of surface, a second coat of Classiseal may be required before overcoating with two coats of A1 PVA;

  • RE-DECORATION:  -  Remove completely by scraping, wire brushing, hydro blasting to PVA, Emulsion Paint, bare sound surface. Lime Wash, Distemper - Stop and fill all large cracks and imperfections with a recommended in poor condition Crack Filler and sand smooth when dry;

  • Apply one coat or two coats of Classiseal - Pigmented Acrylic Sealer, depending on the condition and porosity of the surface.

NOTE: Classiseal will not penetrate multiple coats of lime wash, distemper or cement paints - Overcoat with two coats of A1 PVA paint.


Different surfaces and environmental conditions require specific painting systems to produce the best possible results - It is, therefore, recommended that you contact a representative from Classic Paints for advice on all your painting requirements, whenever possible.


  • Not suitable as sealer for chalked powdery surfaces;

  • Do not apply direct to metal surfaces;

  • Do not dilute with water as A1 PVA will loose its hiding power on porous surfaces;

  • Previously painted oil and enamel surfaces must be suitably rubbed down before applying A1 PVA.


27/05/2018 - This supercedes all previous publications - This technical data furnished is obtained from controlled laboratory tests under ideal application conditions. No guarantee of any performance characteristic is given or implied and we do not hold ourselves responsible for any consequential damage of whatsoever nature that may arise from use of our products. In the event of a proven product fault our liability will be limited to the replacement of the product only. It is the users responsibility to confirm the currency of product data sheets.

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